Hyundai i30 (Elantra GT) review - better than a VW Golf?


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This is the new Hyundai i30!
Now the i30 may have been seen as a budget option compared to the likes of the VW Golf and Ford Focus, but with updated looks both inside and out, coupled with new engine choices, could the latest generation change that?
In terms of engines, all versions are mild hybrid, with the range topper being a 1.5-litre 4 cylinder turbo petrol which can put down 160hp and hit 0 - 60mph in under 9 seconds.
Ok, so the stats aren’t incredible. But let’s not forget that with a carwow saving, you can pick up a new i30 for under £20,000! With that in mind, if you’re in the market for a new hatchback, should you start considering the i30? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:53 Exterior Design
01:50 Interior
04:39 Back Seats
06:37 Boot
08:00 Five Annoying Features
09:07 Five Cool Features
10:04 Engines
11:15 Town Driving
12:17 Motorway Driving
14:36 Twisty Road Driving
15:59 Verdict
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  • carwow
    carwow个月 前

    So what do we think - does the new Hyundai i30 look better than the Mk8 VW Golf? VOTE for which you think looks the best below!

  • Shalu Anu Anu Shalu

    Shalu Anu Anu Shalu

    9 天 前

    Hyundai i30

  • Epic


    14 天 前

    do the Kia stinger vs the Hyundai i30

  • Paul Illingworth

    Paul Illingworth

    29 天 前


  • George Argyris

    George Argyris

    个月 前

    VW has nice design but their engines are crap.!Dont buy them.



    个月 前

    I also vote

  • lukas misik
    lukas misik6 小时 前

    Much better than a golf 🔥

  • Jose Eyzaguirre
    Jose Eyzaguirre6 天 前

    The space towards the trunk is for the skies

  • sefp
    sefp7 天 前

    The headlights rip off the Mercedes a class and grill rips off the Ford Fiesta/focus. Rear the Audi A3 if I’m recalling

  • Andreas Yeleni
    Andreas Yeleni7 天 前

    I thought it's a focus

  • Sheev Palpatine
    Sheev Palpatine8 天 前

    Golfs are boring as fuck now and only for finance fanboys, but Matt cannot bring himself to admit that this is better than the golf. If the i30 had a VW badge on the front he’d try to suck it off.

  • Andreas Yeleni
    Andreas Yeleni8 天 前

    I thought it's a focus

  • B.G.M
    B.G.M9 天 前

    It looks like ford focus st

  • Gavin Nash
    Gavin Nash9 天 前

    Can do the review of new tucson 2021.

  • Shalu Anu Anu Shalu
    Shalu Anu Anu Shalu9 天 前

    Can you review Hyundai i20 2021?

    MURRAY9 天 前

    great design unlike cars they make in NA.

  • tonsingbee
    tonsingbee10 天 前

    That is one ugly ass looking car.

  • John Dice
    John Dice10 天 前

    What happened to you Matt, you're not a Golf fan anymore?

  • Leon Preložnjak
    Leon Preložnjak10 天 前

    The way Mat pronounces Hyundai gets me every time......High Und I ( a bit of German in the middle there)

  • Jerome Dumpit
    Jerome Dumpit10 天 前

    I love the styling. It's pretty smart-looking.

  • Ikhlaq Rafiq
    Ikhlaq Rafiq10 天 前

    Looks like a Ford Focus at the front and a Golf at the rear.

  • João Cu do Bitch Ass
    João Cu do Bitch Ass10 天 前

    Shitty car

  • Simp Simpson
    Simp Simpson10 天 前

    OMG! I thought it was a volvo v40 2012 from the front....

  • Hinz Kunzinger
    Hinz Kunzinger11 天 前

    I wish you did an extra video (or chapter in this video) about the cheapest available configuration ("entry level"), at least in terms of interior design and infotainment. And, please, give us the price of exactly the configuration you have tested there. (you gave a link to your favorite configuration, but its not clear whether that is what we just saw).

  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav12 天 前

    Value for Money: UK : Hyundai India : Tata. Hyundai is more costly than Suzuki which has an awesome record of all round reliability which Hyundais cannot match.

  • Sahdan Mamat
    Sahdan Mamat12 天 前


  • john smith
    john smith13 天 前

    You what??? More exciting choices than an I30 like a Mazda 3??? Are you stupid? How can you even put a pos CVT shitbox next to an auto???. Instant dislike and shut down.

  • Manojkumar Nayak
    Manojkumar Nayak13 天 前

    0:01 HO-YAN-DAI.... In India we pronounce HI-UN-DAI

  • Χαράλαμπος Δαμιανίδης
    Χαράλαμπος Δαμιανίδης13 天 前

    This car has awful plastic materials that initially smell badly and is compared with golf or 308?

  • ice man
    ice man13 天 前

    Help me carwow stopping pop off banner

  • Dani Gonzalez
    Dani Gonzalez14 天 前

    Seen one and sit on one years ago in a Motorshow. I loved the interior, but also 395 liters of charge capacity on the trunk is the same as a Seat Arona (a SUV) so that is brutally good. And the octavia is on a bigger segment of cars so you should not even compare it. But man even being an average car still looks brilliantly beautiful, and now they have micro hybridation which helps a lot on city restrictions. Brilliant car I'd say.

  • Ben Philp
    Ben Philp14 天 前

    Still prefer Peugeot 308

  • The OldSchoolGamer
    The OldSchoolGamer14 天 前

    Really glad I got the 2020 model! No need for turbos and fancy stuff!

  • The OldSchoolGamer
    The OldSchoolGamer14 天 前

    It's sad the new i30 isn't coming to America! But really thankful that the 2020 base model (which I own) doesn't have a ridiculously small engine!

  • Don Jorge
    Don Jorge15 天 前

    I don't like the weird grill-design at all.

  • petewoodroffemusic
    petewoodroffemusic17 天 前

    Looks part Ford part VW part Japanese! 100 years from now theyll be 3 car shapes (if that and not if sooner!) Firer your car designers and hire an 8 year old then maybe get something exciting and imaginative !!! Generic dull Eurocar

  • new channel
    new channel18 天 前

    I will never buy another Kia. Period. We contacted the Kia Corporate office to help with an issue we had after our car broke down on the side of the interstate 2 times after being serviced at 2 different Kia dealerships, Langdale Kia in Valdosta and Crown Kia in Saint Petersburg. Kia Corporate gave us the run around, telling us they would send our service request upper management to have it approved. After 3 weeks, they finally told us that no our car wasn’t under warranty! What?! It’s like they didn’t even read what we submitted. Kia doesn’t know how to fix their own vehicles and doesn’t care if they break down multiple times. This has been a horrible

  • David Dom
    David Dom18 天 前

    Matt when will you make a review for the new Genesis G70.

  • Klaus Mustermann
    Klaus Mustermann18 天 前

    Been driving an i30 2015 model for the last 4 years. Bought it at the unbeatable price of 11k€ at 23k kilometers in 2017 (a golf would have been twice as expensive). I can fully confirm this review, the car is "allright" in almost all situations. Nothing good about it. Nothing seriously bad either. Its... okish. But the price is really fair, you rarely get so much car for that money. Would I buy it again? If Im low on budget and need something reliable to drive me from a to b, yes. As Im now in the situation to afford something better, Ill get a E200 from 2019 soon with a lot of extras. For the german viewers: at top speed on the highway the engine and wind is really loud in this car, it takes quite a long time to get to maxspeed (180 in my case), but it decelerates fast even without using the brake. Its a very light car, so strong winds on high speed make the ride very bumpy and you should drive really carefully, specially watch out when overtaking trucks. my verdict, the car is not really made for the highway.

  • Mr. D.
    Mr. D.18 天 前

    I guess Hyundai loved when you trowed away the rear boot cover

  • Joomy
    Joomy20 天 前

    "at the front this car is pretty exciting" -> Mat's soul died a little as he said that.

  • tchouzebra
    tchouzebra20 天 前

    Can’t really have adaptive cruise control on a manual, since the car can’t shift gears

  • Dhany Dhanasiri
    Dhany Dhanasiri21 天 前

    Hyundai car much better looking than the KIA. I always like design of Hyundai.

  • thewirah1
    thewirah121 天 前

    I would get a Golf if you love spending hours on car enthusiast forums trying to figure out what is wrong with your brand new car. Like, why is my carpet wet? Why does it smell like exhaust fumes in the cabin when I start the car? LOL

  • falkaa88
    falkaa8821 天 前

    So does it have the automiatic cruise control or doesn't?

  • john brown
    john brown22 天 前

    Looks like Britain misses out on a spare wheel WHY?

  • kwang hur
    kwang hur22 天 前

    소나타 가 안팔리는이유 지난번 4기엔진 3백만대 리콜.거기에 외형 디자인이 어글리.빨리 바꿔야 살아남은다 가격도 일제보다 20% 은 싸야한다.

  • Husseim Ali
    Husseim Ali24 天 前

    the front grille is fugly and killing it,,

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit24 天 前

    An average car review you should consider skipping...

  • tectorama
    tectorama24 天 前

    The fact that it isn't German makes it better.

  • Esteban Posada Duque
    Esteban Posada Duque25 天 前

    .... Dashboard very a like FORD's vehicles ... lacks own/original spirit ...

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs26 天 前

    A better way to judge i30 vs Golf is to source 5 year old cars & 10 year old cars and review them head-to-head. Any car is nice when it's brand new, but the longterm owner review would speak volumes for the actual car.

  • Mihai Mihai
    Mihai Mihai26 天 前

    Spoiled Brits who wants Lamborghini for the price of a Hyundai 😅😅😅

  • Simon
    Simon26 天 前

    I reaaallly like the physical buttons for aircon/volume :D

  • Peter Riggall
    Peter Riggall26 天 前

    Hyundai and Kia have a 7 year warranty in Australia.

  • mounir naji
    mounir naji26 天 前

    UGLY WAY OF INTRODUCING ........................... Beuuuuuuuurk

  • Kasper Guldmann
    Kasper Guldmann26 天 前

    9:20 you can't engine brake in this car?

  • Truck Man
    Truck Man27 天 前

    On my third Hyundai can’t knock them really need the better spec models for sure and service prices aren’t too bad

  • conor noone
    conor noone27 天 前

    Is there any real reason why all new cars seem to have a tablet blu tacked on to the dash? there's literally no effort to integrate the infotainment screens, they're literally just slapped in there....

  • alan matthews
    alan matthews27 天 前

    so disrespectful, throwing bits of the car away, especially a loaned car!!!!

  • jharris947
    jharris94728 天 前

    So very grey...Nearly fell asleep just looking at it...Zzzzzz.

  • Allan Kipruto
    Allan Kipruto28 天 前

    Waiting on Hyundai azera review

  • Klaus Baur
    Klaus Baur28 天 前

    Mat, you leave us dangling in limbo, the catchy heading says ... better than a Golf and your review and option does not offer an answer, what is YOUR view, having reviewed both? :)


    Every car is better than golf

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley29 天 前

    I thought that Carwow could employ an adult to do this job. Not a twelve year old, with an irritating manor.

    JANE HONG29 天 前

    It can not be see in Korea.😭 2021 I30

  • Jalen Warfield
    Jalen Warfield29 天 前

    the fact that it defaults to eco is genius for saving petrol

  • Rajeev R
    Rajeev R29 天 前

    Hey Matt, that's a cup holder, not a bottle holder.

  • Paul Illingworth
    Paul Illingworth29 天 前

    £21k for that! 🤦‍♂️ I’d have a Golf, Focus or Astra . A Golf would still get here in 10 plus years Hyundai they don’t last much after 7 years (probably warranty period) 🙈

  • big bez
    big bez29 天 前

    Oh dear you have had an haircut !

    YUF TUF29 天 前

    İT İS NOT NEW!!!

  • milo priborsky
    milo priborsky29 天 前

    come on boy, everything's better than VW !

  • Crazy cool cars
    Crazy cool cars29 天 前

    Imagine the day when you get a carwow notification saying mat vs yianni running race

  • Lauri Sepp
    Lauri Sepp29 天 前

    Thanks. Informative as ever. Waiting for your review of the new i20


    volkswagen became a laughing stock

  • ASSK555
    ASSK555个月 前

    I don’t know why, but I’m a big fan of the i20 and i30, including the older models.

  • Matthew Cammish
    Matthew Cammish个月 前

    Why does every hatchback that has come out the last couple of years look exactly the same box with sharpe angled creases at the back? The only ones that don't are the new Fiesta and Focus.

  • polopowered
    polopowered个月 前

    8:20 I drive around in ECO Mode all the time in my Corolla. So get Bent.

  • ANAS
    ANAS个月 前

    New toyota sienna review

  • Ekim Andersom
    Ekim Andersom个月 前

    Everything is better than a Golf

  • Ionut Popa
    Ionut Popa个月 前

    the adaptive cruise control is working with manual gearbox too.... there are other videos where the car maintain the speed of the car from the front...

  • Gowtham V
    Gowtham V个月 前

    No laser welded roof like the VW golf. Rubber beading on the roof to hide those old fashioned welds. No thanks i will take the VW gold.

  • Brown Randy
    Brown Randy个月 前

    If you buy Hyundai, buy a European car or a Japanese car. Only poor people buy Hyundai cars.

  • Gerhard Giedrojc
    Gerhard Giedrojc个月 前

    Just a paid add, how obvious.

  • Khanya Lumka
    Khanya Lumka个月 前

    Hey Mr Watson, could you please get your hands on the new fiat tipo and 300x, please and thank you.

  • James Smith
    James Smith个月 前

    I would take the Hyundai because it has proper dials, rather than a computer screen

  • Dr Nisu Unn
    Dr Nisu Unn个月 前

    So this is not based on the new Elatra that went on sale in US and Australia? Its the old platform?

  • Brian
    Brian个月 前

    The residual value certainly won't be better than a Golf! The rear of the i30 looks far more stylish than previous versions, but the Koreans still can't get all elements of the design to agree with European taste. The front looks awful. It's an attempt to look Audi-esque, but fails. You're not in that league Hyundai.......

  • Messi Wags
    Messi Wags个月 前

    Y u talking about kids for?

  • Randrew
    Randrew个月 前

    I really dislike the trend of car manufacturers putting the infotainment screen on top of the dashboard it looks intrusive and feels like an afterthought. Much prefer screens built into the dash that look smarter

  • rasputinf
    rasputinf个月 前

    9:21 How can decoupling the gearbox from the engine save fuel? I mean, engine burns 0.5-0.7 lt/100km of fuel (idling consumption) when in neutral, but coasting without accerelation pedal is 0.0 lt/100km in every car. I couldn't understand how this "intelligent manual transmission" works.

  • sixaxis


    9 天 前

    @rasputinf yes, they say in some cases the engine will shut down during sailing. Not sure what the turbo thinks of that. :)

  • rasputinf


    9 天 前

    @sixaxis yes but coasting in gear helps engine to rotate, without using the fuel. but if the engine is decoupled from transmission (neutral) it needs fuel to rotate in idling rpm. so, the question is: how the engine will rotate during this 'sailing' mode? (maybe it will stop the engine like Start&Stop system???)

  • sixaxis


    9 天 前

    I think the answer is sailing. And a different driving style to get used to. While coasting as you said consumes 0.0l it also slows the car with the engine break. I assume with the decoupled gearbox is like shifting to neutral, nothing slows the car directly, it runs freely like a sailboat, so you can achieve longer distances with no consumption. I suppose that also means that owners of these cars should say goodbye to engine break.

  • Melanie
    Melanie个月 前

    first the seat leon and now this

  • Paddy Coleman
    Paddy Coleman个月 前

    Great, proper buttons for heating controls. Good interior.

  • Fitz
    Fitz个月 前

    I think the lack of automatic braking and acceleration is due to the car being Manual, It cant change gears to match speed when the car gets too slow, The 8 speed automatic might have that feature. Just my thoughts though.🤷‍♂️

  • sixaxis


    9 天 前

    That's correct. In my country you can put together the i30 piece by piece asyou want, and yes adaptive cruise control can be ordered only together with automatic gearbox. And just for the record an adaptive cc together with lane keeping assist won't really make the car self driving.

  • RSBritain
    RSBritain个月 前

    If this was a german car Matt wouldn't moan about the front seat mounts eating into the back seat footwell...

  • Wayne Bateman
    Wayne Bateman个月 前

    Boot lips stop stuff sliding out on a slope.

  • stefanomacchi1977
    stefanomacchi1977个月 前

    Damn, the fastback is waaaaayyy to hot than vw golf and hatchback i30... But no one review it...

  • Charan Raj
    Charan Raj个月 前

    Looks so silly when you point at a certain direction to click on a link and that link never appears 😂😂😂

  • Our Cars
    Our Cars个月 前

  • AngryBrit
    AngryBrit个月 前

    Looks like a vw golf has crashed into a stopped Ford focus and merged and created this. And actually looks good 👌

  • Vedang Singhal
    Vedang Singhal个月 前

    I am waiting for carwow to come to the US.

  • Chris Sweet Productions
    Chris Sweet Productions个月 前

    looks like a ford focus but with thinner headlights.

  • sixaxis


    9 天 前

    is that a good thing or bad thing? :)

  • hj brubaker
    hj brubaker个月 前

    Never any mention of a spare wheel with any of these reviews, Some of us want a spare wheel not a tin of gunk.

  • George Gently
    George Gently个月 前

    Collision control! Trying driving a DAF CF truck with it on. Jams the brakes on and drops all the power at any given opportunity, making you look like a right plonker. Don't need stuff like that in vehicles, just better drivers.

  • Mnqobi Nzuza
    Mnqobi Nzuza个月 前

    This is a terrible vehicle. The Golf is far better