The 15 greatest AMG cars!


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Mercedes fanboys, this one’s for you!
We all know that AMG is Mercedes’s in-house tuning department. But with so many AMGs to choose from, we’ve been wondering - what are the best AMGs of all time?
Well, we’ve done our research, and we’ve pulled together our list of the 15 greatest AMGs ever created! From MPVs to estates and supercars, this video is the definitive list of the must-have AMGs both past and present.
There’s no denying all 15 cars are already stone-cold classics, but the question is, do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments!
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  • Paul K
    Paul K天 前

    Love the fact the E63 estate came 4th! However I think the S212 version just before it deserves a mention. It comes with the same insane 5.5 litre twin turbo that was in the 6x6 but in a car that’s half the weight and has a lower centre of gravity! It’s also the same car under the skin as the later gen but with a better engine. And before people say it doesn’t sound as good as NA, drive one first. Mercedes spent $2m on just trying to get the sound right, it’s delicious, deep and devastatingly awesome 😀

  • jimmy white
    jimmy white天 前

    I gotta say that I seriously HATE when a video says "clink on the link up here" and then never put a god damned link where they say it will be, or anywhere! It's not only done once here put twice(so far...I'm only 6 min in, and I wouldn't be surprised if they do it again at least once or twice more).

  • Kirsten Cameron
    Kirsten Cameron天 前

    Mat the BMW M4 won so you lied

  • Yash Wagh
    Yash Wagh3 天 前

    Pause at 7:42!

    FATBO1_GAMING4 天 前

    *bmw has left the chat*

  • Socrates Zervas
    Socrates Zervas4 天 前

    Will you be reviewing the new Corolla Excel 2021, Sport Tourer? Happy to click the pop put banner or the link below the video, I am been to help me car wow, and I have liked and subscribed, so how about it Matt?

  • titagwan gazten
    titagwan gazten6 天 前

    i dig that hammer ⚒ thats my second classic after sl300, this AMG 1 can only be a wall paper

  • Roland Ong
    Roland Ong6 天 前

    Next, Best Rs Audi Cars.

  • Hendra Di
    Hendra Di6 天 前

    CLK GTR & SLR Mclaren still the greatest!

  • Starbuck
    Starbuck6 天 前

    Special mention for the first proper AMG mercedes ,the c36.

  • 第10の使徒
    第10の使徒6 天 前


  • Stratos p
    Stratos p6 天 前

    For me the sl65 AMG black series,sls and cl65 are the best amgs

  • Валентин Неделчев
    Валентин Неделчев6 天 前

    Review of GLC coupe please , doesnt matter if amg or not !

  • Oussama Haddadi
    Oussama Haddadi7 天 前

    what about the CLA 45S AMG ? it's amazing.

  • Lap Choine
    Lap Choine7 天 前

    I love these top AMG car vlogs!!

  • Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille
    Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille7 天 前

    No one Amg: V8? Mercedes: yes

  • Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille
    Jean-Gabriel Gadpaille7 天 前

    The project one will probably be some record breaking car

  • Gaming 4 All
    Gaming 4 All7 天 前

    That Black series W204 Should have been on top!

  • Thashen Reddy
    Thashen Reddy8 天 前

    Where is the E55

  • Ibrahim Jamal
    Ibrahim Jamal8 天 前

    Do brabus next please.

  • Alex
    Alex8 天 前

    slr stirling moss that's it, that's the comment

  • Tommyvercetty GT
    Tommyvercetty GT8 天 前

    Does anyone know about the Mercedes C32 AMG? You can get one for 10k euros and go 300 kph with it laughing at expensive cars

  • exoroxx
    exoroxx8 天 前

    My favourite AMG are SLS, GT R, C 63 Black Series and SL 65 Black Series. I also like the new G 63 - that's one of only two AMG I've actually driven in RL.

  • exoroxx
    exoroxx8 天 前

    3:11 Let that sink in: It could do even more than that! If the gearbox would have allowed it... Yes, that 1000 Nm are limited.

  • Jakob L
    Jakob L8 天 前

    The "Red Pig" has got an very Luxury Inside with no missing leather🤭 Very sad that it's destroyed :(

  • doron grill
    doron grill8 天 前

    I daily a 2016 C63s. It will be my last car, as I will keep it till I die.

  • newb529
    newb5298 天 前

    E55 baby

  • Jonas Bauch
    Jonas Bauch8 天 前

    In my opinion: the more stupid the better! So: SL73 AMG cause of that stupidly large V12. R63 AMG cause I want one if I have kids (and cause it is a fast MPV). G63 6x6: Nobody needed that Car, but we are glad it was still made. And the CLK GTR, just the way it looks, the way it sounds, gorgeous.

  • RakkerData
    RakkerData8 天 前

    My fav AMG must be the SLS AMG Black Series, it's just beatuful. On secon place it must be the GTR Pro and on third the new E63 S AMG (both the Sedan and the stationwagon) and on third, the W212 E63 with the 5.5 liter Biturbo V8

  • Archand Bhagwandien
    Archand Bhagwandien8 天 前

    What about the G65? It's literally a g wagon with a V12

  • Kervin
    Kervin8 天 前

    Matt, great job

  • Alain-Daniel Tankwa
    Alain-Daniel Tankwa8 天 前

    How does a 1.6L V6 make 700hp?

  • clarisa stevany
    clarisa stevany8 天 前 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de la Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour faire tomber le groupe responsable de sa fabrication.

  • Satvik Krishna
    Satvik Krishna8 天 前

    According to GWR, the Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR was the most expensive car ever made ($1.5 million in the late 90s) and it did 0-60 in under 4 seconds. It is heavily based on the McLaren F1 supercar.

  • I love you but
    I love you but8 天 前

    The editor should edit the videos with speakers not with headphones That way he will notice the loudness difference of different parts of the video more

  • NazProx
    NazProx9 天 前

    Where is the ML55?

  • C Sheridan
    C Sheridan9 天 前

    The best amg is the one that doesn't rust

  • Chuan DIS
    Chuan DIS9 天 前

    The Amg 0ne is my favorite!

  • R J
    R J9 天 前

    DIDN'T know there was a R63 AMG 😀

  • 3lisb1
    3lisb19 天 前

    For me It's sls and the clk gtr slc 350 and ofc s65 amg

  • Keaddart - ARC-7766
    Keaddart - ARC-77669 天 前

    My personal fave is the gt 53

  • Harvey 21
    Harvey 219 天 前

    I love the CLS AMG S shooting brake from about 2015/2016 with a twin-turbocharged 5.5 V8 and the awesome shooting brake looks and about 570bhp.

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man9 天 前

    Why i love the MB brand. Such a historical engines they maked.

  • Claudio Cassoma
    Claudio Cassoma9 天 前

    Where is AMG GT63s?

  • R33C3
    R33C39 天 前

    5:23 Do superchargers spool up?

  • Hamza Mohammad
    Hamza Mohammad9 天 前


  • Ghost
    Ghost9 天 前

    where is the s63/s65 coupe cabriolet ? mercedes is the best car brands in the world

  • UAE Cars
    UAE Cars10 天 前

    Need for speed

  • Mahir Fredericks
    Mahir Fredericks10 天 前

    ima be honest... i want a hammer... that thing looks awesome

  • Travis Hsu
    Travis Hsu10 天 前

    Where is CLS 63 AMG? Isn’t that the first iconic 4 door GT of all time?

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson10 天 前

    "huge supercharger spools up" hmmmmmmmmmm...

  • DoubleDeckerAnton
    DoubleDeckerAnton10 天 前

    6.2 v8 and 460hp is plenty of power to raise a smile.

  • Teodor Otea
    Teodor Otea10 天 前

    Can you make a video about the new Dacias

  • Denver Stuart
    Denver Stuart10 天 前

    What about the E55 AMG Kompressor

  • Denver Stuart
    Denver Stuart10 天 前

    Where’s the SLK 55 Black Series and the CLK 63 Black Series

  • Andre Ng
    Andre Ng10 天 前

    Where is the E55 Kompressor?

  • Łukasz Klamerus
    Łukasz Klamerus10 天 前

    Unimog AMG 😄

  • E46325mod
    E46325mod10 天 前

    my favorite amg is the c55 amg only made for 2 years but is officially the most reliable amg ever made and at 3,400lbs it was easy to make inta a track weapon.

  • []
    []10 天 前

    I still love the W204 death trap C63... the true “I burn 20 gallons per second and I don’t give crap about it”

  • Themachine
    Themachine10 天 前

    What’s faster a formula one car or a Bugatti?

  • Themachine
    Themachine10 天 前

    How many horse power a formula one car usually have?

  • Ant 55
    Ant 5510 天 前

    The E55 AMG and/or any of the m113k platforms should have made the list. E55 was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Carlton_Jordan BOOST
    Carlton_Jordan BOOST10 天 前

    my fav of all times is the c63 black series hands down

  • kuldeep der
    kuldeep der10 天 前

    He pretty much covered all the AMGs Nice 👍🏼 advert

  • Hass. T™
    Hass. T™10 天 前

    My favourite AMG's are all the V12 65 Models. Proper tyre shredding monsters! Absolutely love them, especially the S65 AMG Coupe 😍 Such a shame they're all gone now.

  • Andrew Macartney
    Andrew Macartney10 天 前

    How about. The 15 greatest Jaguar models

  • A Wiganer
    A Wiganer10 天 前

    If you want a really good deal on a new car go to DRIVE THE DEAL

  • Shane Canfield
    Shane Canfield10 天 前

    My favourite is still the 2018 AMG GT R Coupe. I have my baby AMG. A 2006 SLK55 which will have to do till I win the lottery and can afford a GT R

  • Jozsef Bujaki
    Jozsef Bujaki10 天 前

    Hy mercedes one bugatti biratti shiron power engine is included?

  • Augure 25
    Augure 2510 天 前

    SLS is a piece of art best road car. The best race car(road version is a jock) is CLK-GTR.

  • Haruki
    Haruki10 天 前

    E63 all day

  • Better Training
    Better Training10 天 前

    The R63 is awesome for so many reasons! 👍

  • ᴊᴜsᴜғ ʜᴀᴢɪʀɪ
    ᴊᴜsᴜғ ʜᴀᴢɪʀɪ10 天 前

    You forgot the Mercedes Benz S600 AMG v12 7.3


    Project one looks incredible

  • Imran Ali Jamal
    Imran Ali Jamal10 天 前

    The W204 C63 AMG has to be my favorite

  • Emma Mokoatlo
    Emma Mokoatlo10 天 前


  • Armendi Shatri
    Armendi Shatri10 天 前

    6x6 the best

  • Suhail Khan
    Suhail Khan10 天 前

    Where is the s63, s65 and GLS AMG. An saloon and SUV with luxury of a rolls Royce and power of 0-60 under 3.9s crazy 😭😭😭.

  • Sean De Noronha
    Sean De Noronha10 天 前

    What about the AMG GT 4-door coupe?

  • Xhovano Vata
    Xhovano Vata10 天 前

    G class 6x6.

  • Lode _0571
    Lode _057110 天 前

    The gt63 belongs here

  • Paras Arora
    Paras Arora10 天 前

    Amazing compilation!

  • marwan hussien
    marwan hussien10 天 前

    My favorite is the SLS AMG

  • ReliK 55
    ReliK 5510 天 前

    c55 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JizzyJeg28
    JizzyJeg2810 天 前

    Why 15?

  • Carlos Lara
    Carlos Lara10 天 前

    Este es algo bizco no?


    Can you please make a video of the best e63's ever

  • Tiary 1234
    Tiary 123411 天 前

    I like the video can u do one with BMW plz

  • Andrei 738
    Andrei 73811 天 前

    hi, please to the same video fo BMW

  • gepixelt
    gepixelt11 天 前

    6:05 sooo it has a flat plane crank to rev righer, but it doesn't rev higher than the normal crossplane V8s 's

  • Miguel _C_92
    Miguel _C_9211 天 前

    Why there isnt any Mercedes-Benz AMG with manual gearbox ?

  • Samed Mohammed
    Samed Mohammed11 天 前

    I love the A 45 S ❤️😍😍

  • Sam Carman
    Sam Carman11 天 前

    SL65 Black? :)

  • Dávid Glasz
    Dávid Glasz11 天 前

    Great video, I was always in love the AMG / Brabus G class...I would love to see a video about a bit of off-roading between a couple of estate cars: A6 Allroad, Superb Scout, XC70 Cross-country, Subaru Outback, etc...would be epick, haven't seen a video like that in ages (can even take the older versions from 2000-2010)

  • Remi Lena
    Remi Lena11 天 前

    My favourite AMG is the old C63 my father had this

  • Man in car
    Man in car11 天 前

    Even without AMG, Sprinter is really fast

  • Gulab Karale
    Gulab Karale11 天 前

    SL65 and SLR the best cars

  • th.b. gruen
    th.b. gruen11 天 前

    SLS is the best.

  • Abhishek Jaidev
    Abhishek Jaidev11 天 前

    Problem : All the Project ONE's are sold out, so hard luck finding one to drive..... Solution : *CALL MANNY KHOSHBIN!!!!*

  • Emddie
    Emddie11 天 前

    What about the S coupe???