The craziest police cars in the world!


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Which country do you think has the coolest police cars?
We've all heard the story about how Lamborghini gave the Italian police a Huracan to use, but how about in other countries? Here in the UK the majority of police car fleets will consist of Vauxhalls or Fords, although we can assure you there are a few special guests out there which may surprise you!
And more importantly, can any country top the Huracan that's been given to the Italian police force? Stick with Mat for this video as we run you through the 13 coolest police cars in the world!
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  • Тимур Азимов

    Тимур Азимов

    25 天 前

    Russian captions please

  • Тимур Азимов

    Тимур Азимов

    25 天 前

    Russian captions please

  • Тимур Азимов

    Тимур Азимов

    25 天 前

    Russian captions please

  • Jonah


    25 天 前

    I missed the Ferrari from the Colombian police

  • Kirsten Cameron
    Kirsten Cameron天 前

    A Koinsseg police car actually three

  • Kirsten Cameron
    Kirsten Cameron天 前

    Well insanely in need for speed there is a Koinsseg

  • Santiago campuzano medina
    Santiago campuzano medina2 天 前

    Colombian police has a Ferrari Enzo

  • Eustacio Chaparro
    Eustacio Chaparro2 天 前

    Hola Vi tu toto video de Pronto Auto con Auto

  • Sun Delight
    Sun Delight3 天 前

    I remember watching the police liver run from the 80s on police camera action they used a Rover sd1 what a police car tht was

  • S.Gar1n Cpm
    S.Gar1n Cpm4 天 前

    Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan5 天 前

    one the best super car fleet in our UAE no one can beat us we are Always be no 1 inshAllah.

  • JJS
    JJS5 天 前

    Our police farce, NSW police have several BMW M5s, 550s, three Aston Martins, dozens of BMW 3 series, and all these replaced the Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons. Our PMs car was a Callais Commodore; now it's a new BMW 7 series. All chosen for their low maintenance and repair costs and efficiency. Great use for our tax dollars. Pitiful.

  • OCTOPUS / たこ
    OCTOPUS / たこ7 天 前

    栃 木 警 察 署

  • Rustam
    Rustam7 天 前

    Iam from Azerbaijan and our police recently switched from old BMW M3 to new ones

  • ZeVibeSeal
    ZeVibeSeal9 天 前

    toyota camry in vietnam :D

  • K K
    K K10 天 前

    we also have a honda nsx for the traffic police force in tochigi

  • Ahmad Nawaz
    Ahmad Nawaz10 天 前

    In Pakistan toyota vigo

  • CrooshcaToy
    CrooshcaToy11 天 前

    Wanted to see koenigsegg somewhere in Russia XD

  • Devan Gamerz
    Devan Gamerz12 天 前

    Malaysia also uses Evo X

  • Sum Randum Guy
    Sum Randum Guy12 天 前

    These are cool and all, but overall North America (🇨🇦 🇺🇸) still has the best police cars. Most of the cars in this video are just one-offs, with the majority of the cars in a police force being pretty crap. North American police forces use dodge chargers on the regular all over

  • lucasthepig:]
    lucasthepig:]12 天 前


  • mohamed ali
    mohamed ali13 天 前


  • Kai Lorenz
    Kai Lorenz13 天 前

    Bro the US Highway Patrol has Hellcats, Corvettes, Camaros and Mustang GTs. And it’s not just one like these countries. I’m also seeing Mustang GT more and more for the police around the US.

  • Den Pr
    Den Pr13 天 前

    I’m Italian

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie13 天 前

    Toyota Land Cruiser here in Qatar

  • Amar Sai
    Amar Sai14 天 前

    5:54 out....that car is going to hit you

  • GT_0
    GT_014 天 前

    *Everybody gangta till Thrust SSC become a police car*

  • Daniel Lai
    Daniel Lai14 天 前

    Malaysia used Evo X before switching to Type-R

  • Melchor Vincent Agot
    Melchor Vincent Agot14 天 前

    Meanwhile in the Philippines, the only nice police cars we got were Toyota Priuses given to us by Japan. The Prius works well as a taxi though. Edit: Why don't police forces in the developed world use Tesla cars?

  • 小原もなか
    小原もなか14 天 前


    DANK PK MEMER15 天 前

    Don't click on read more You are a real bustard! 😂

  • Sum Randum Guy

    Sum Randum Guy

    12 天 前


    DANK PK MEMER15 天 前

    He don't want subscribers He want support 😂😂

  • Erk Schneider
    Erk Schneider15 天 前

    There haven been actually several Porsche 911 in operation by the Germany Autobahnpolizei through the decades. Just google Porsche Polizei if you want to know more.

  • Μαριος Καραβοκυρης
    Μαριος Καραβοκυρης15 天 前

    Check out the first ultra car , named Chaos by spyrospanopoulos Automotive

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion16 天 前

    Gypsy in India is best cop car!

  • MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式
    MMD Cømpåny Recøn! 公式16 天 前

    Definitely not in UK 😂😂 But some UK police cars can be good... the best UK police car that I miss is the 2002 Vauxhall Astra...

  • Jyoti Singh
    Jyoti Singh17 天 前

    Lol these irl cars are slower than nfs

  • Astra
    Astra17 天 前

    NONE of the flashy police cars in any country are ever used for regular police work. Only for PR purposes and marketing. With all their BMWs the UK and Bavaria probably have the flashiest regular police fleet of any country - not Dubai or whatever other place with a few supercars to show off.

  • Astra


    10 天 前

    @Sum Randum Guy true those are nice too - I loved the CVPIs tho

  • Sum Randum Guy

    Sum Randum Guy

    12 天 前

    Agreed on the first part u said. Also in North America (🇨🇦/🇺🇸), with the legendary crown Vic and Taurus interceptor having been discontinued, most police forces employ the Dodge Charger as their standard car

  • Veljko Pekić
    Veljko Pekić18 天 前

    Dubai have

  • Onky Stronky
    Onky Stronky18 天 前

    Ci piacciono le auto. E la pasta. Le auto e la pasta🤣🤣

  • Khairul Hairi
    Khairul Hairi18 天 前

    Whos from malaysia

  • lakshmijyothish336
    lakshmijyothish33618 天 前

    I love the HURACAN that's why i go for the ITALIAN polizia

  • ibo azim
    ibo azim18 天 前

    America Dodge Charger 4WD

  • ibo azim
    ibo azim18 天 前

    Africa mahindra XUV500

  • Alvaro Lopez
    Alvaro Lopez18 天 前

    You forgot the Ferrari use by the Colombian Police ... see the link


    Hey thats a nissan gtr nismo

  • Flopjul_13
    Flopjul_1318 天 前

    why does everyone forget that the Netherlands have a Bugatti Veyron too for the police force in Delft(more of a showcar) and the Dutch fire department(Brandweer) has a Ferrari 430 for some odd reason and in the past the dutch police actively used Porsche 911 targa



  • Shaheen Hussain
    Shaheen Hussain19 天 前


  • Audiclubsud Official
    Audiclubsud Official19 天 前

    Italy ❤️🇮🇹

  • KoGa
    KoGa19 天 前

    Don't get those sport cars with HUGE lightbars on top. Come on Japan and Germany please use a proper slim lightbar.

  • Johnson ML
    Johnson ML19 天 前

    Nfs most wanted be like:

  • king Monsur
    king Monsur19 天 前

    Dabai is getting poor

  • Hakim Hosni
    Hakim Hosni19 天 前

    In algeria we have g wagon

  • Wasd
    Wasd19 天 前

    Meanwhile spanish Guardia Civil uses Alfa Romeo and Land Rover

  • Upload Moto X Play Tiago
    Upload Moto X Play Tiago19 天 前

    Portugal has a Audi R8, impounded from some criminals, tney converted it to police car.

  • Денис Канов
    Денис Канов19 天 前

    my cops use opel astras from early 2000s

  • Benjamin Quiroga Garcia
    Benjamin Quiroga Garcia19 天 前

    Well, in Chile the police(Carabineros de Chile) uses a Dodge Challenger

  • The blue Bugatti racer 1
    The blue Bugatti racer 120 天 前

    Anyone here from Need for speed hot pursuit???

  • Santiago Romero
    Santiago Romero20 天 前

    And carwow copied dount

  • Uzair Yusof
    Uzair Yusof20 天 前

    In Malaysia, we loves Honda

  • Ian Townsend
    Ian Townsend20 天 前

    Mat you look like Officer Goody from The Thin blue Line in the thumbnail

  • seena nk
    seena nk20 天 前

    lykan hypersport , 3rd most fastest car in the entire world , the world,s first arabian supercar ,and there is a common fact in lykan hypersport which was made by w motors on 2013, that is 80 percent of the car,s design is having v shange v shape represents number 7 because there are only 7 emirates in uae and 7 continents in the world , like that w motors only made 7 lykan hypersport and also this car is having a rare fact compare to other cars in this list that is there are 230 diamonds fixed inside the both headlight and that,s why this car price 3.4 million dollars,or 2.6 million pounds and also this car was in furious 7 also ya paul walker,s last film and also another fact that many of us know is paul walker died at the time of shooting of furious 7,s blast scene ," the lykan hypersport jump scene" paul walker died after the shooting of jumping of lykan hypersport from 2 nd building

  • Koron Datta
    Koron Datta20 天 前

    IDK why but ppl think Muslim countries are bad to live in ​But actually it's really heaven here in UAE. (bdw I live In Khorfakkan)

  • Koron Datta
    Koron Datta20 天 前

    Germans: Tuning cars....but isn't as Good German police: Fine I will do it myself

  • TT BK Artsy
    TT BK Artsy20 天 前

    Thailand Honda Accord 🇹🇭🇹🇭🙏🏻

  • コカ・コーラJAPAN
    コカ・コーラJAPAN20 天 前


  • İsmail Ukil
    İsmail Ukil20 天 前

    nissan gtr japan car

  • iaz z
    iaz z20 天 前

    Malaysia use honda type r n mitsubishi lancer evo 10.


  • Felipe Mesa
    Felipe Mesa20 天 前

    Colombian police have a Ferrari 348 (previously owned by a drug lord), a bunch of Landcruiser prados... but mostly sanderos and dusters

  • ART5
    ART520 天 前

    In Russia police car is Lada Niva

  • Jatin Chaudhary
    Jatin Chaudhary21 天 前

    Please make a vedio on Indian police cars.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Rez Rsx
    Rez Rsx21 天 前

    Number 1 is Abu Dhabi

  • Waz zeR
    Waz zeR21 天 前

    Correction, in malaysia used on any hway

  • 祢々乃霧丸
    祢々乃霧丸21 天 前

    栃木県に住んでいますが、LCもGTRもパトカーは見た事がありません 笑

  • doni zetta
    doni zetta21 天 前

    i think batmobile would show up

  • Amirul Fitry
    Amirul Fitry21 天 前


  • jzlnz
    jzlnz21 天 前

    As a Malaysian. Wow i never noticed our Police in Type R. Saw only Civic as replacement of Mitsubishi Lancer. Type R maybe the replacement for Mitsubishi Evo.

  • Bas Blijleven
    Bas Blijleven21 天 前

    I recon you also check out the Dutch police as well. They are changing the entire fleet of VW Tourans and Volvo V70’s to Mercedes B-classes and Audi A6’s. (They are of course also known for their Porsche 911 Targa’s in the past)

  • Fernando VILLARREAL
    Fernando VILLARREAL21 天 前

    It's between this guy and the entire Savage Garage team for the most annoying people on YT.

  • Epso plays fortnite
    Epso plays fortnite21 天 前

    I want to be a police in Dubai

  • João Mira
    João Mira21 天 前

    Portugal has an R8

  • Ahmad Muslmani
    Ahmad Muslmani21 天 前

    I live in dubai

  • Ahmad Muslmani
    Ahmad Muslmani21 天 前

    People who live in dubai too will like this comment

  • Afzarito
    Afzarito22 天 前

    Apa khabar bro..

    L&P KA BAAP22 天 前

    Italian police also have Alfa romeo Giulia QV and couple of gallardos

  • nik Afnan Suhaimi
    nik Afnan Suhaimi22 天 前

    But the honda civic type R would never beat the king of the road in MALAYSIA.

  • haythem saoudi
    haythem saoudi22 天 前

    You forgot algeria they use the g-class ass a police car

  • Manuel
    Manuel22 天 前

    Municipal Police of Milan have a 458 Italia spider

  • TxX_Ghost_Xx T
    TxX_Ghost_Xx T22 天 前

    Just buy and tune a Supra mk4 lmao bye bye

    FRAZIX GAMER22 天 前


  • Jesse de Vries
    Jesse de Vries22 天 前

    you forgot the Netherlands with a bugatti vayron

  • muhammed zain
    muhammed zain22 天 前

    Fun Fact: Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, and Dubai is just one of the 7 small cities that make up the tiny country!

  • jawad rabzouz
    jawad rabzouz22 天 前

    In algeria police drive G wagons

  • Shihab Matubber
    Shihab Matubber22 天 前

    Is anyone laughing at the lykan because it says PP on it

  • Jose Abdon Arellano Frias
    Jose Abdon Arellano Frias22 天 前

    Sube lo en español por favor

  • serendipityuk
    serendipityuk22 天 前

    The supercar police cars in Dubai are for marketing purposes. They will use them for media, “Top Gear” and social media but they aren’t anything like the real cars used by police. They are often fairly beaten up American cars. Nothing flashy. The lambo’s and McClarens for PR, that’s it.

  • Wajid Nazir
    Wajid Nazir22 天 前

    I lived 6 year in UAE. UAE specially Dubai Police have most luxury and expensive cars.

  • Malcolm Young
    Malcolm Young22 天 前

    and us americans have ford explorers

  • Stavros Karlatiras
    Stavros Karlatiras22 天 前

    In Basel Switzerland Police is using TESLA Model X all around the area.

  • 。素粒子
    。素粒子22 天 前


  • Скорпион и его друзья
    Скорпион и его друзья23 天 前

    Kazakhstan too has a crazy police cars. Like Audi A8 2020, Cadillac Escalade 2020 etc